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Armando Andrade over 7 years ago
Three great short stories; my favorite is stink bomb.
Annalisa Schettino almost 3 years ago
Bloc Silent over 4 years ago
Stephen Boone Johnson over 7 years ago
Mei Yang over 7 years ago
Victoria Goulborn over 7 years ago
daniel montoya over 7 years ago
Memories (also Otomo Katsuhiro's Memories) is an anime produced in 1995 by artist/director Katsuhiro Otomo which were based on three of his manga short stories. The film is composed of three episodes: "Magnetic Rose" (彼女の想いで, Kanojo no Omoide), "Stink Bomb" (最臭兵器, Saishū-heiki) and "Cannon Fodder" (大砲の街, Taihō no Machi). The latter story was directed by Otomo himself. The Corona, a deep space salvage freighter, while out on a salvage mission encounters a distress signal and decides to follow it. They soon come upon a spaceship graveyard orbiting a giant space station. The crew's two engineers, Heintz and Miguel, enter it to get a closer look. Once they are inside, they discover an opulent European interior and several furnished rooms (in varying degrees of decay), but find no signs of life. They discover that the station belongs to a once famous opera diva named Eva Friedal who disappeared after the murder of her fiancée, Carlo Rambaldi, a fellow singer. Continuing the search for the...
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