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Alex & Emma is a 2003 Franchise Pictures' romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson. It was directed by Rob Reiner based on a screenplay by Jeremy Leven. It opened June 20, 2003. Alex (Wilson) is the author, who must repay a USD$100,000 debt to the Cuban mafia or face dire consequences. After his laptop is destroyed, he hires Emma (Hudson), a stenographer who talks as much as she writes. As Alex dictates his novel to Emma, the movie cuts away to scenes from the novel, where Adam (Wilson) interacts with a series of nannies (all played by Hudson) falling for the last one. Eventually life imitates art, and Alex and Emma fall in love. Developed under the working title, Loosely Based on a True Love Story, the movie is loosely based on a true love story of author Fyodor Dostoevsky, who dictated his novel, The Gambler, in 30 days in order to pay off a gambling debt—and in the process, fell in love with his young stenographer. The film was modeled after the Audrey Hepburn movie,...
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