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Brandy E 11 months ago
Beautiful music! Enjoyable, but not captivating.
Daniel Jones almost 2 years ago
It's a good movie, but...extremely overrated.
Davis Keck almost 2 years ago
Despite years of imitation and a bit too obsessive cult following, it's still a classic.
Amanda Mathews almost 2 years ago
Definitely a Halloween classic. And Christmas classic.
Phetcharat over 2 years ago
Nothing new.
Guy Meltzer over 3 years ago
personally think this is elfman&burton at their best collabortaion.
Leif Jacobson over 3 years ago
A film that is enjoyable for two different holidays, or any day simply because it's great.
Matheus Yamashita Dos Santos 4 years ago
Creepy when I was a kid.
Eddie Ace Heitmann over 4 years ago
One of the best stopmotions I've ever seen. It has it's moments, better than any other.
Ashley Beacom over 4 years ago
An all year thing, not just for Christmas and Hallowe'en
Laura Vastenavont over 4 years ago
its a good movie, there are some scary parts but also some magic ones
Ay Lin almost 5 years ago
The perfect film for everyone with a soft & spooky spot in their hearts for Halloween.
Tyler Goetz almost 5 years ago
Annika Løchte Taylor almost 5 years ago
This is what I feel like the inside of Tim Burton's brain must look like. I'm a fan of it!
Kittypuff over 5 years ago
Creepy and dark, beautiful story&aesthetic, odd, eerie... FANTASTIC! A classic must-watch.
Shawney Rogers over 5 years ago
I Love this movie i have watched it for Halloween and Christmas every year since I was 7.
Charlie Phillips almost 6 years ago
I have loved this movie ever since I was a kid.
Brack King almost 6 years ago
Fae almost 6 years ago
I just didn't like it. It was so boring.
Chelsea Foreman almost 6 years ago
Classic, dark, and endearing.
The Nightmare Before Christmas, often promoted as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a 1993 stop motion musical fantasy film directed by Henry Selick and produced/co-written by Tim Burton. It tells the story of Jack Skellington, a being from "Halloween Town" who opens a portal to "Christmas Town". Danny Elfman wrote the film score and provided the singing voice of Jack, as well as other minor characters. The remaining principal voice cast includes Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara, William Hickey, Ken Page and Glenn Shadix. The genesis of The Nightmare Before Christmas started with a poem written by Tim Burton when he was a Disney animator in the early 1980s. With the success of Vincent in 1982, Disney started to consider The Nightmare Before Christmas as either a short subject or 30-minute television special. Over the years, Burton's thoughts regularly returned to the project, and in 1990, Burton and Disney made a development deal. Production started in July 1991 in San...
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