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Noah Rymer almost 2 years ago
terrible thriller that has become hilarious because of early internet specifics.
Glen Maddern over 7 years ago
Rewatchability score purely speculative. Not gonna watch it again.
Don Lathrop 2 months ago
Brian Kuepper 6 months ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 1 year ago
Flo HM over 1 year ago
István Földházi over 1 year ago
Michelle Arostegui over 1 year ago
Richard Sebastian almost 3 years ago
Shawn Balcomb 3 years ago
Jerry Woodstock over 3 years ago
Andrew Dennison over 3 years ago
Keith Haddock over 3 years ago
acctt001 almost 4 years ago
ChriZ almost 4 years ago
Asael Acosta 4 years ago
Drew K 4 years ago
Dustin Barr over 4 years ago
The Net is a 1995 American political thriller film directed by Irwin Winkler and featuring Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam and Dennis Miller. The film opens with United States Undersecretary of Defense Michael Bergstrom (Ken Howard), who commits suicide after learning that he has tested positive for HIV. Angela Bennett (Bullock) is a Venice, California systems analyst who telecommutes to Cathedral Software in San Francisco. Her interpersonal relationships are completely online and on the phone, limiting interactions with neighbors, and her mother (Diane Baker) who is institutionalized with Alzheimer's disease. Bennett's coworker Dale sends her a floppy disk with a backdoor, labeled with "π", to a commonly used computer security system called "Gatekeeper" sold by Gregg Microsystems. Dale and Bennett agree to meet, but his private plane's navigation system malfunctions and it crashes. Bennett travels to Cozumel, Mexico on vacation, where she meets Jack Devlin (Northam). Devlin pays a...
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