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Griffin Maurer 6 years ago
Tom Cruise can play the part, but his efforts are wasted with this uninteresting story.
Dominic Dirupo 6 years ago
Far more watchable if you see the movie as a metaphor for Tom Cruise entering Scientology
Andy Whitfield over 6 years ago
Any film where you are worried about the Quaker Oats guy - it can't bad.
Stephen Jones 7 years ago
See Tom smile. See Tom get in too deep. See Tom run. Good legal thriller w/ real peril.
Don Lathrop 1 month ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 1 year ago
Flo HM over 1 year ago
Michelle Arostegui over 1 year ago
István Földházi almost 2 years ago
Matthew Bettencourt over 2 years ago
Noah Rymer over 3 years ago
Deborah Peacock over 3 years ago
Ana almost 4 years ago
Michael over 4 years ago
frank mint over 4 years ago
Fabian Ratsherr over 4 years ago
Brian Trenholm over 4 years ago
Andrea Finocchiaro over 4 years ago
maddie over 4 years ago
The Firm is a 1993 legal thriller film directed by Sydney Pollack, and starring Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Holly Hunter, Hal Holbrook, and David Strathairn. The film is based on the 1991 novel The Firm by author John Grisham. Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise) is a young man with a promising future in law. About to graduate from Harvard Law School, he is approached by Bendini, Lambert & Locke, 'The Firm', and made an offer he cannot refuse. He and his wife, Abigail "Abby" (Jeanne Tripplehorn), move to Memphis, where The Firm is located. Avery Tolar (Gene Hackman) becomes his mentor at The Firm. Seduced by the money and gifts showered on him, including a house and car, he is at first totally oblivious to the more sinister side of his company. Then, two associates are murdered. The FBI contact him, asking him for information and informing him that not only is The Firm mob connected but every associate that has ever tried to leave The Firm ends up murdered. His life...
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