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Amanda Mathews over 1 year ago
Vaguely remember watching this and liking it.
Aaron Jones over 1 year ago
I watched this in IB History, lol
Phetcharat over 2 years ago
Alice Albescu 3 years ago
Not historically accurate but I loved it growing up.
Grace over 3 years ago
Simple plot, but cute and charming.
Katie P over 4 years ago
Possibly my favorite animated flick of all time. Fantastic music, amazing movie.
Annika Løchte Taylor over 4 years ago
A favourite of mine from my childhood. It's a shame the real story didn't end like this.
Robyn Hamilton over 5 years ago
Rich layered animation, inspired voice acting and wonderful memorable songs! A delight
Jane Kenney over 5 years ago
Heartwarming and captivating fun and romance and the search to find family.
Leah Stone almost 6 years ago
Different from the average Disney and good!
Margaret Swift 6 years ago
Kakra 6 years ago
Alexandra Sundarsingh over 6 years ago
This movie pushed me to seek the history of the stories I love as a little girl.
Dylan Clites over 6 years ago
The Disney movie that's not a Disney movie. I remember liking this more than a little bit.
Joao Ant 1 month ago
Liam Price 10 months ago
Car 11 months ago
Herbe Astrale 11 months ago
Lauren Armstrong 11 months ago
Anastasia is a 1997 American animated musical film produced and directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. It was the first feature film to be released by Fox Animation Studios. The idea for the film originates from Fox's 1956 live-action film version of the same name. The plot is loosely based on an urban legend which claimed that Anastasia, the youngest daughter of the last monarch of Imperial Russia, in fact survived the execution of her family, and thus takes various liberties with historical fact. In 1916, Tsar Nicholas II hosts a ball at the Catherine Palace to celebrate the Romanov tricentennial. At the ball, his mother, the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna (Angela Lansbury), gives the eight-year-old Grand Duchess Anastasia (Kirsten Dunst/Lacey Chabert) a music box and a necklace reading “Together in Paris” to ease her favorite granddaughter’s loneliness while Marie is away in Paris. The ball is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Grigori Rasputin (Christopher Lloyd/Jim...
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