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Luke Duncan over 1 year ago
Ridiculous and funny.
Noah Rymer 4 years ago
fairly well made, I just could not relate at all.
Alice Albescu 4 years ago
The perfect comedy. 21 years later I still laugh everytime.
Mikus Zeberiņš over 4 years ago
entertaining enough
Justin L. Clemons almost 6 years ago
DAAAAAAMN funny movie. Slice of life of two friends hanging out on a Friday.
Michael Cole over 6 years ago
Interesting enough for a single watch, but certainly doesn't leave a lasting impression.
Frederik Værum Olesen almost 7 years ago
"I know you don't smoke weed, i know this, but imma get you high today."
Rosalio Galvan 7 years ago
hood classic
Jaya Wardono over 7 years ago
That's how I roll!!!
Jake Barlow over 7 years ago
I think I have this movie memorized.
Don Lathrop 9 months ago
john over 2 years ago
Jaclyn Baros almost 3 years ago
Scott Hume 3 years ago
Damian Nimeck over 3 years ago
Ryan Thomas almost 4 years ago
Chris almost 4 years ago
Andrew Dennison over 4 years ago
Eric Graybeal over 4 years ago
Madison McLeod over 4 years ago
Friday is a 1995 stoner comedy-drama-buddy film directed by F. Gary Gray. Starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Bernie Mac, Tommy Lister, Jr. and John Witherspoon, the film revolves around 16 hours in the lives of unemployed slackers Craig Jones (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker), who must pay a drug dealer $200 on Friday night by 10:00 PM. The film takes a look at one single Friday in the life of two friends, Craig Jones (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker), in South Central Los Angeles, California. Craig has recently been fired from his job while attempting to collect his wages, as he was allegedly caught on camera stealing cardboard boxes from UPS, although he claims innocence. Exacerbating his dilemma, his father, Mr. Jones (John Witherspoon), attempts to persuade Craig to join him in becoming a dog catcher. Meanwhile, Craig has been eyeing pretty neighbor Debbie (Nia Long), but his insanely jealous girlfriend Joi (Paula Jai Parker) is a formidable obstacle. Throughout the...
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