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Mirza Šišić over 5 years ago
Pedro Cruz over 5 years ago
Maybe the best of the second generation movies!
John Barton over 6 years ago
The film that broke the "every even numbered Star Trek movie is good" rule.
Charlie Gleason over 6 years ago
This barely made sense. Awkward, stuttering filmmaking. What a shame.
Benjamin Featherston almost 7 years ago
Trying to be taken seriously, Trek ditches the ensemble approach that made the show great.
Joshua Lee 10 days ago
Don Lathrop 1 month ago
Iulia M 2 years ago
Shana Beale 2 years ago
Dan over 2 years ago
Mtt J over 2 years ago
Richard Sebastian almost 3 years ago
Noah Rymer over 3 years ago
Andrew Dennison over 3 years ago
Drew Nick over 3 years ago
Star Trek Nemesis is a 2002 science fiction film directed by Stuart Baird, written by John Logan (from a story developed by Logan, Brent Spiner, and producer Rick Berman), and with music composed by Jerry Goldsmith. It is the tenth feature film in the Star Trek franchise, and the fourth and final film to star the cast from the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. It follows the mission of the crew of the USS Enterprise-E as they are forced to deal with a threat to the United Federation of Planets from a Reman clone of Captain Picard named Shinzon who has taken control of the Romulan Star Empire in a coup. Nemesis acted as a swan song for The Next Generation cast, as could be seen from the film's tagline of "A generation's final journey begins". The film was the least commercially successful in the franchise, and was poorly received by the majority of critics. The Romulan military offers the Imperial Senate plans to join forces with the Reman Military and invade the...
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