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Aaron Jones over 2 years ago
This film is so mind-bending. There's so much going on mood and genre-wise.
Damian Campo almost 6 years ago
Very slow and tragic. It explores the pain in an original way.
Austin over 6 years ago
Your emotions will be tested.
Ferşat Özçelik 7 years ago
an interesting film. but original and unique.
John Mitchell over 7 years ago
A haunting film. Almost unbearable to watch at times. I mean that in the best way possible
Maxine Sherrin over 8 years ago
If re-watching this is the last thing I ever do, I shall die a happy woman. Heaven.
Nino Vignjevic over 4 years ago
David West almost 5 years ago
Elea mckee almost 5 years ago
Michael Stewart almost 7 years ago
Dave Gobbitt almost 7 years ago
Ale Márquez almost 7 years ago
Seij Hai over 8 years ago
Emmet O Sullivan over 8 years ago
Sergey Kutserubov almost 9 years ago
Cries and Whispers (Swedish: Viskningar och rop, lit. "Whispers and Cries") is a 1972 Swedish film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman and starring Harriet Andersson, Kari Sylwan, Ingrid Thulin and Liv Ullmann. The film is set on a mansion at the end of the 19th century and is about two sisters who watch over their third sister on her deathbed, torn between fearing she might die and hoping that she will. After several unsuccessful experimental films Cries and Whispers was a critical and commercial success, gaining nominations for five Academy Awards. This included a nomination for Best Picture, which was unusual for a foreign-language film. Cries and Whispers returned to the traditional Bergman themes of the female psyche or the quest for faith and redemption. Unlike Bergman's previous films, Cries and Whispers uses saturated colour, especially crimson. It was for the color and light scheme that the cinematographer and long-time collaborator Sven Nykvist was awarded the Academy...
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