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Alex Silver 1 month ago
Kinda slow. Worth it though.
Pamela Murray over 2 years ago
For those who lived through the Viet Nam War era. . .
Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
a very well shot and well acted film, good emotional story too.
Tony Gandía over 4 years ago
As psychological intense of a film about effects of war that you can get. Masterful acting
Jonathan Evans 5 years ago
A bad guy's redemption. A good guy's demise.
Joanne Singer almost 6 years ago
One word: devastating!
Dominic Dirupo over 6 years ago
Any people that need reminding that De Niro is a great actor need to watch this
Dominique Laurion over 6 years ago
Three Russian steelworkers are captured in Veitnam and forced to play Russian Roulette.
Zach Sly almost 7 years ago
Visceral. Extremely fleshed out, believable characters. A heart wrenching tale.
Fabio Augusto Vanegas Bovea almost 7 years ago
One of the 100 best films of cinema history
Grant davies 7 years ago
I thought this was better than Apocalypse now. Wonderful music
Peter Renshaw over 7 years ago
'When I start shootin', go for the nearest guard, get his gun and zap the fucker'
Ieuan Francis over 7 years ago
It was quite powerful, but too slow for my liking.
emilio murillo almost 8 years ago
Great cast, great performances and great story. Moving, shocking and disturbing.
Dan Kearns 8 years ago
From original 10s list
Anna Warburton over 8 years ago
The best Vietnam war movie you'll ever see.
Catherine 11 months ago
Don Lathrop 1 year ago
Matthew Bettencourt over 1 year ago
anon almost 2 years ago
The Deer Hunter is a 1978 drama film co-written and directed by Michael Cimino about a trio of Russian American steel worker friends and their infantry service in the Vietnam War. The film stars Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep, John Savage, John Cazale, and George Dzundza. The story takes place in Clairton, a small working class town on the Monongahela River south of Pittsburgh and then in Vietnam, somewhere in the woodland and in Saigon, during the Vietnam War. The film was based in part on a screenplay called "The Man Who Came To Play" by Louis Garfinkle and Quinn K. Redeker about Las Vegas and Russian Roulette. Producer Michael Deeley, who bought the script, hired writer/director Michael Cimino who, with Deric Washburn, rewrote the script, taking the Russian Roulette element and placing it in the Vietnam War. The film went over-budget and over-schedule and ended up costing $15 million. The scenes of Russian roulette were highly controversial on release. The film...
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