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Robyn Wilde 7 months ago
I love Cary Grant, but Hepburn's voice in this is ABSOLUTELY INSUFFERABLE. MAKE HER STOP.
Aaron Jones over 1 year ago
Cary Grant doing physical humor is always a treat.
Jean Walton almost 2 years ago
What if your worst date had a leopard? Cary Grant has a bad day-ours just got better :)
Austin over 3 years ago
One of the best film comedies ever.
Ian Anderson almost 6 years ago
Katharine Hepburn treats everyone with contempt especially Cary Grant. Baby is a leopard.
Lindy Oates over 6 years ago
Very quick. Very funny. I think the ending drags a bit but its still awesome.
Kylee Olson over 6 years ago
What's not to love!?
Lou over 6 years ago
A madcap rom-com. The dialogue, the slapstick...doesn't skip a beat. Frenetic & fabulous.
amina zadeh 7 years ago
A great screwball comedy in which the dialogue never skips a beat..
Robyn Hamilton 7 years ago
How did they train that leopard?
Paul McCamley over 7 years ago
Farcical rom-com with great characters and leopards.
Ana C.M. over 1 year ago
Alex Silver over 1 year ago
Michelle Roussell almost 2 years ago
Monroe Constantine over 2 years ago
Jennifer Kaiser over 3 years ago
Elea mckee almost 4 years ago
Tony Esie 4 years ago
Bringing Up Baby (1938) is an American screwball comedy film directed by Howard Hawks, starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant, and released by RKO Radio Pictures. The movie tells the story of a paleontologist winding up in various predicaments involving a woman with a unique sense of logic and a leopard named "Baby". The supporting cast includes Charles Ruggles, Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Catlett, and May Robson. David Huxley (Cary Grant) is a mild-mannered paleontologist beleaguered by problems. For the past four years, he has been trying to assemble the skeleton of a Brontosaurus but is missing one bone (the mythical "intercostal clavicle"). To add to the stress, he is about to get married to a dour woman, Alice Swallow (Virginia Walker) with a severe personality and must make a favorable impression upon a Mrs. Random (May Robson), a wealthy woman who is considering donating one million dollars to his museum. The day before his planned wedding, David meets Susan Vance (Katharine...
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