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dominic garvin over 2 years ago
bad drama
Noah Rymer 4 years ago
People complain about Dune, but I actually think it's close to the book, and a good film
zorlack 5 years ago
A hugely ambitious project with wonderful production design. Sadly the story felt rushed.
Charlie Alcock almost 6 years ago
Looks fab, plot is ridiculous. And why does everyone keep narrating their own thoughts?
William Fenton over 6 years ago
A story too big for a film? A fair attempt and very enjoyable, if only visually.
Nick Fenton over 6 years ago
Great FX for its day but way too epic a tale to tell. Had I not read it I'd be like whut?
Kate Du-Rose over 6 years ago
Some amazing visuals and moments, but the film is a mess, and Sting cannot act
Peter Renshaw over 6 years ago
very slow
Jim Barton over 6 years ago
This proudly lives up to the book. Science fiction at it's best!
Len Leslie over 6 years ago
One of the best Science Fiction films ever!
Siona Cameron over 6 years ago
very dated, but good fun
Joseph Taylor over 6 years ago
I know it's a bad film but I love it because its a bit weird and very silly.
nathanaelgrey 7 years ago
great adaption of the novel dune, visually grand and epic sci-fi/fantasy story
Taylor Reginald Wright 7 years ago
A surreal adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel. Full of weird symbolism, but worth seeing.
Dorian Silenus 7 years ago
Lynch intentionally made this film different than the novel. This is pure art.
Andy Whitfield over 7 years ago
One of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.
Jaya Wardono over 7 years ago
Seriously a great timesless sci-fi movie
Tristan over 7 years ago
The planet Arakis...
Andrés Botero almost 8 years ago
I was blown away after watching it. Intricate plot, awesome effects, deep “strangeness”.
Peter J Smith almost 8 years ago
The sound, the sets, the subtext...
Dune is a 1984 science fiction film written and directed by David Lynch, based on the 1965 Frank Herbert novel of the same name. The film stars Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides, and includes an ensemble of well-known American and European actors in supporting roles. It was filmed at the Churubusco Studios in Mexico City and included a soundtrack by the band Toto. The plot concerns a young man foretold as the "Kwisatz Haderach" who will lead the native Fremen of the titular desert planet to victory over the malevolent House Harkonnen. After the success of the novel, attempts to adapt Dune for a film began as early as 1971. A lengthy process of development hell followed throughout the 1970s, during which time both Arthur P. Jacobs and Alejandro Jodorowsky tried to bring their visions to the screen. In 1981, Lynch was hired as director by executive producer Dino De Laurentiis. The film was not well-received by critics and performed poorly at the American box office. Dune has been called ...
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