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Rose B over 5 years ago
Interesting for the times. But now... and the repetition was nerve-wrecking!!
Michael Cole over 5 years ago
I would be upset too if my daughter said she was marrying a man she'd known 10 days
Alice Albescu over 4 years ago
Andrew Dennison over 4 years ago
Veja Kairos almost 5 years ago
Inés Alcalá over 5 years ago
Kamaria Niom over 5 years ago
Darielle Rocca over 5 years ago
yt over 5 years ago
Lino Monteiro over 5 years ago
Marina Neumann almost 6 years ago
William Helwig almost 6 years ago
Yudit Lang 6 years ago
Daniela 6 years ago
Sean Buckley over 6 years ago
Nino Vignjevic over 6 years ago
Amy Elle over 7 years ago
Kat Forsyth almost 8 years ago
Tasha Rivera 8 years ago
Paula Maddern 8 years ago
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a 1967 American drama film starring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn, and featuring Hepburn's niece Katharine Houghton. The film was groundbreaking for its positive representation of the controversial subject of interracial marriage, which historically had been illegal in most states of the United States, and was still illegal in 17 states, mostly Southern states, up until June 12 of the year of the film's release, when anti-miscegenation laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia. The film was produced and directed by Stanley Kramer and written by William Rose. The movie's Oscar-nominated score was composed by Frank DeVol. The film is notable for being the ninth and final on-screen pairing of Tracy and Hepburn (filming ended just seventeen days before Tracy's death). Hepburn never saw the completed film; she said the memories of Tracy were too painful. The film was released in December 1967, six months after his...
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