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Ferşat Özçelik almost 6 years ago
of course a cult film by bergman.
Mario Schievenini almost 6 years ago
A marvel of the seventh art. Bergman captivates fellings amazingly. Love the oniric set.
Austin almost 6 years ago
I'm at a loss trying to describe it. It's amazing, life changing, and fills me with love.
Concetta Odierno almost 6 years ago
Cooper Styles over 6 years ago
Remember being forced to watch this in university but ended up loving it.
Germán Sabina Serrat over 6 years ago
Ideal para empezar con Bergman. Modernísima en su forma, atemporal en su temática. Hermosa
Fernando Olivas almost 7 years ago
You start to grow older when you first realize the little control you have over your life.
Daniel Jones almost 7 years ago
Dan Kearns 7 years ago
From original 10s list
Mobina Parvaneh 3 months ago
Türkü 4 months ago
Davide MrBlonde over 2 years ago
Justin Wagner over 2 years ago
Annalisa Schettino over 2 years ago
Jonathan Evans over 2 years ago
Kamyar Askari 3 years ago
Selin Biçer over 3 years ago
Elea mckee over 3 years ago
Ryan almost 4 years ago
august 4 years ago
Wild Strawberries is a 1957 Swedish film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman, about an old man recalling his past. The original Swedish title is Smultronstället, which literally means "the wild strawberry patch", but idiomatically means an underrated gem of a place (often with personal or sentimental value). The cast includes Victor Sjöström in his final screen performance, as well as Bergman regulars Bibi Andersson, Ingrid Thulin and Gunnar Björnstrand. Max von Sydow also appears in a small role. Bergman wrote the screenplay while hospitalized. Because it tackles difficult questions about life, and thought-provoking themes such as self-discovery and human existence, the film is often considered to be one of Bergman's most emotional, optimistic and best films. Grouchy, stubborn, and egotistical Professor Isak Borg, a 78 year old widower, is an elderly physician. His medical and scientific specialty was bacteriology. Before specializing he served as general practitioner in rural...
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