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Amanda Mathews almost 2 years ago
Vaguely remember watching so it must not have been any good, in my opinion.
Kittypuff over 4 years ago
Maybe if i were into romance
ashley lee almost 5 years ago
It's a rom-com.
Michael Cole almost 5 years ago
They'll be divorced within a year.
Jane Kenney almost 6 years ago
I can relate it to my life. I help people as best as I can, and I fell for a client once.
Kealey Nutt over 6 years ago
Denise Fleming almost 7 years ago
When I was twelve I loved this movie. Only for the penis statue scene.
Edgar Diaz almost 7 years ago
Brian Kuepper 6 months ago
Lauren Armstrong over 1 year ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 1 year ago
Flo HM over 1 year ago
Norppa over 1 year ago
Mahshid Emami over 1 year ago
Ćetković Danilo almost 2 years ago
Jonathan Casey Spencer almost 2 years ago
Susan Howlett Beckstrand almost 2 years ago
Bethany Foster almost 2 years ago
jojodoug almost 2 years ago
The Wedding Planner is a 2001 romantic comedy film directed by Adam Shankman, written by Michael Ellis and Pamela Falk, and starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. Maria "Mary" Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is a San Francisco wedding planner who is too consumed with planning others' events to worry about her own personal life until she is saved from a nasty accident by Dr. Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey). Mary and Steve spend a wonderful evening in the park, watching an old movie (Two Tickets To Broadway), dancing and nearly kissing before being interrupted by an untimely rain shower. After glowing to her friends that she had finally found a man that she likes, she soon learns that Edison is engaged to her biggest client Fran Donolly (Bridgette Wilson). Mary eventually agrees to plan their wedding. While shopping for flowers with Steve, Mary runs into her ex-fiancé and his pregnant wife. It is revealed the night of Mary's wedding rehearsal she found her then-fiancé kissing his...
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