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Emma Flaherty almost 5 years ago
Interesting but not extraordinary. The leads are the most boring characters out of the lot
Michael Cole over 5 years ago
Could be an enjoyable romantic comedy if you eliminated the two lead characters.
Marina Đukanović over 5 years ago
Rachel Finston over 5 years ago
Eh. Not the best MacDowell or Grant film. Watch Bridget Jones or Groundhog Day instead.
Jonathan Evans 7 years ago
There are some very clever scenes and some facesmacking ones. But hey it's cute.
Paula Maddern over 7 years ago
From the opening f..to the contrived ending I can watch this again & again. Great script.
Robyn Hamilton over 7 years ago
Classic if vomit inducing rom-com. God I hate Andie MacDowell.
Andy Whitfield over 7 years ago
Wonderful comedy with some dramatic moments - still can't believe it got an Oscar nom.
Alexandra Rando 8 years ago
classic romantic comedy
Patricia 8 months ago
Marc Hyde 10 months ago
N B almost 2 years ago
Eva over 2 years ago
Olivia Lorscheid over 2 years ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 2 years ago
Simran Sahoo almost 3 years ago
Nguyen Hang over 3 years ago
Four Weddings and a Funeral is a 1994 British comedy film directed by Mike Newell. It was the first of several films by screenwriter Richard Curtis to feature Hugh Grant. The film was an unexpected success, becoming the highest-grossing British film in cinema history at the time, with worldwide box office in excess of $245.7 million, and receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. The film follows the adventures of a group of friends through the eyes of Charles (Hugh Grant), a debonair but faux pas-prone Englishman, who is smitten with Carrie, an attractive American (Andie MacDowell), whom Charles repeatedly meets at weddings and at a funeral. The first wedding is that of Angus and Laura (Timothy Walker and Sara Crowe), at which Charles is the best man. Charles and his collection of single friends wonder if they will ever get married. At this wedding, Charles meets Carrie for the first time and spends the night with her. Carrie teases him by pretending that now they have...
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