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Eric Brainard over 2 years ago
The movie that turned me into a horror junkie. Thanks Raimi and Campbell!
Aaron Jones 3 years ago
Campy horror, cool for what it is. The 80s grisly gore effects were neat.
Leif Jacobson almost 5 years ago
A game-changing movie, and the film that gave us Bruce Campbell. Truly, it is a godsend.
Lenart Skoberne 5 years ago
While the FX is dated, the immaculate pacing and scares still hold up.
Robert Stuart 5 years ago
The low budget, over the top romp starring The Chin!
Tony Gandía almost 6 years ago
Black, gory humor serve "Dead" well; it's wacky, scary fun
Griffin Maurer over 6 years ago
A must-watch for horror fans. A bit ridiculous, but unique and gory.
Erik Kanada over 6 years ago
the remake is better, but this shit is intense too!!! Loved it from start to finish!!!
Anders Klingsheim over 6 years ago
Damn, evil is PISSED
Henke over 6 years ago
A cultclassic and one of my favorite movies
JustinMFnTime almost 7 years ago
A classic take on the Zombie/Possessed genre. Scary good fun and great for its time.
Michael Cole almost 7 years ago
Even for 80's horror standards this movie is low budget and awful acting
J.H. Howes almost 7 years ago
They say that sometimes things are so bad, they're good. They'd be right in this instance.
Jan Wierzbowski almost 7 years ago
A personal fav despite the "meh" review. Did not age well, but still a classic.
Austin almost 7 years ago
It's an absolute cult-classic.
Karen Dillon 7 years ago
Cult classic, corny but scary too. Oh the 80's!
Taylor Reginald Wright 7 years ago
The cheap look is beaten by its chilling atmosphere, gruesome effects and great scares.
Chelsea Foreman 7 years ago
Cult classic horror. Corny at points, but has its merits as an original horror movie.
Kash Rajdeo 7 years ago
This movie was, is and always will be THE scary movie. Locket scene was Nail-Biting
Jacqui Hocking over 7 years ago
The Evil Dead is a 1981 horror film written and directed by Sam Raimi, starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, and Betsy Baker. The film is a story of five college students vacationing in an isolated cabin in a wooded area. Their vacation becomes gruesome when they find an audiotape that releases evil spirits. In 1994 a heavily censored version was shown in US theaters and received an NC-17 rating. The film was a moderate success at the box office, grossing a total of $2,400,000 in the U.S upon its initial release, against a budget of probably no more than $400,000. Despite getting mixed reviews by critics at the time, it has since developed a cult following. The film has spawned two sequels, Evil Dead II (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992), and a stage musical; work on a script for a further film has started although it was announced on July 13, 2011 that Raimi and Campbell would now shift focus to a remake of the original film. Michigan State students, Ash, Scotty, Linda, Cheryl...
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