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Sydney Stene over 1 year ago
Tense, and wildly creative. Loved it.
Kosala Liyanage 2 years ago
Not as good as hyped
Yalini 2 years ago
Yup every creature has its weakness
Lucia Straňovská over 2 years ago
Ive been at the edge of my seat the whole time. Great movie!
Kayley Sage over 2 years ago
This was tense, amazingly executed, and it just pulls you in.
Jacqueline O over 2 years ago
terrifying but a very interesting concept
Tony Gandía over 2 years ago
Heart-pounding without resorting to cheap shocks; top-of-the-line thriller
Eric Brainard over 2 years ago
JK said it's more about what he'd do for family than the horror. A good showing. Watch it.
Kakra over 2 years ago
Robyn Hamilton over 2 years ago
Good premise but execution could have done more to help suspend my sense of disbelief.
Fernando Olivas over 2 years ago
Best use of a nail as a plot device.
Shawn Balcomb almost 3 years ago
Intro film classes will use this to study the power and potential of sound in cinema.
Andy Whitfield almost 3 years ago
Every sound in the theatre felt amplified 100fold. Tense, scary, and touching.
İlke İzgi almost 3 years ago
perfect! this is what I called cinema.
Charlie Alcock almost 3 years ago
Fucking brilliant. Haven't jumped so much at a film in ages.
Ćetković Danilo almost 3 years ago
Great movie. I became aware how loud I am while eating popcorn in cinema.
Michael Cole almost 3 years ago
Luciana Ducceschi almost 3 years ago
The most suspenseful and stressful theatrical experience I have had so far.
Dónal Kennedy almost 3 years ago
2018's It Follows.Original horror stoking old fears in grisly new ways
Aaron Jones almost 3 years ago
Honestly, incredible visual storytelling. Does a great job of setting up and paying off.
A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.