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nicole 8 months ago
A bit of slow drama, with old timey clue-style undertones
Tony Gandía 8 months ago
Unnecessary remake though it's nice to see Pfeiffer, Dench, Colman have fun.
Aaron Jones 1 year ago
Rough, unasked-for remake. Maybe the sequel will feel more original/inspired. I hope so.
Ashleigh Louise Klaassen over 1 year ago
Visually captivating, and intriguing. But once you know whodunnit why would you rewatch?
Cesca McC over 1 year ago
Looks lovely, great cast, cracking story. Not exciting or groundbreaking.
Daniel Jones over 1 year ago
Cinematography is great. Plot drags a bit. Great cast wasted, but right amount of Depp.
Luciana Ducceschi over 1 year ago
The cinematography was stunning but didn't quite save it from dragging out.
Viviana Giorgi over 1 year ago
pretty movie,not very well-acted, not thrilling enough, but its still agatha christie
Dónal Kennedy almost 2 years ago
This pitch-perfect, gorgeous & pacy adaptation gleams with star power
Danny B almost 2 years ago
Watchable, pretty movie. But there have been lots of better Poirots than Branagh.
Kayley Sage almost 2 years ago
The book was better, and so was David Suchet's version. Watch that instead it's on YouTube
Yalini almost 2 years ago
Quite predictable😂 clue: stabbed 12 times😂😂
Michael Cole almost 2 years ago
Basically a version of Clue that takes itself seriously and a predictable ending
dominic garvin almost 2 years ago
bad remake
Dominique Bosman almost 2 years ago
Bad acting, bad special effects, only 2 minutes thrill, rest is very lame.
Don Lathrop 2 months ago
Giorgia 10 months ago
Olivia Lorscheid 11 months ago
Jake Boone 1 year ago
Genius Belgian detective Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of an American tycoon aboard the Orient Express train.