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Tony Gandía 6 months ago
Bizarre and challenging; tries too hard to be super cerebral sacrificing coherency
Kosala Liyanage 8 months ago
Awesome! But too hard to rewatch
Alexandra Sundarsingh 8 months ago
Visually beautiful and a haunting storyline. Very different from the book.
Sydney Stene 10 months ago
Smart, classic sci-fi, would have liked more character development to drive home motifs.
Eric Brainard 1 year ago
Beautifully terrifying science fiction. Intelligence required to fully get the terror.
Danny B 1 year ago
Anticipated horror/action, got a thinker instead. Solid actual sci-fi. Watch it once.
Kayley Sage over 1 year ago
Old school, hard sci-fi, that doesn't dumb itslef down "for the audience". Love it!
Robyn Hamilton over 1 year ago
A chilling, stand-out final act but as a whole, Annihilation fails to cut a deep mark.
Pia Eide over 1 year ago
Very good
Charlie Alcock over 1 year ago
Beautifully designed, and the final sequence is stunning, but overall it feels lacklustre.
Luis Uribe over 1 year ago
Good story. Bad movie. And the end was terrible.
Dzenan Suljevic over 1 year ago
Interesting and, at moments, really scary sci-fi story.
tal sheldon over 1 year ago
The idea of the plot is pretty cool, but the execution was terrible.
Noah Rymer over 1 year ago
this is usually my fav genre, but this was just a bad "black mirror" episode
Fernando Olivas over 1 year ago
Natalie Portman is a world treasure.
İlke İzgi over 1 year ago
Daniel Lanciana over 1 year ago
Basically acid.
Michael Cole over 1 year ago
Visually engaging, but raised more questions than answered
Aaron Jones over 1 year ago
The climax really felt like an iconic moment for sci-fi/horror of the 2010s. Dig the VFX.
Don Lathrop 2 months ago
A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply.