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Kosala Liyanage 2 months ago
Pop culture references ftw!
Steffi | ステフィー 6 months ago
Nothing like the book except for the names. Would not recommend to any reader
Eric Brainard 7 months ago
Fun, entertaining ride of nostalgia and futuristic possibilities. I enjoyed it.
Daniel Jones 9 months ago
Loved the book. Loved the movie. Nothing too deep, just a nerdy, nostalgic, and fun ride.
Jared Dantis 9 months ago
Painfully cliché, but the fantastic visuals make for great eye candy and rewatchability.
Noah Rymer 9 months ago
Spielberg makes a movie about how great Spielberg is. Predictable and painfully cliche'
Fernando Olivas 10 months ago
Easter egg: The movie
Brandon Keck 10 months ago
Nostalgia gone too far. No emotion, weight or logic in this disappointment by Spielberg.
Michael Cole 12 months ago
Willy Wonka meets Da Vinci Code meets The Matrix. Best Spielberg film in decades.
Brandy E 1 year ago
A great thematic adaptation. It was in the spirit of fun that I liked about the book.
Charlie Alcock 1 year ago
Definitely one of the odder movies in the Spielberg canon.
Andy Whitfield 1 year ago
A step up from the book (not hard). Shallow but fun with some very cool set pieces.
Aaron Jones 1 year ago
Great visuals (the OASIS world is awesome), but the story itself kind of rings hollow.
Daniel Lanciana 1 year ago
Cool sequences, lots of character appearances, dumbed down version of the book.
Tony Gandía 1 year ago
It's shallow with superficial characters, but well made and nostalgic fun.
Jake Boone 1 month ago
LANX 1 month ago
monika angel 2 months ago
Robert Stuart 4 months ago
Becky 4 months ago
When the creator of a popular video game system dies, a virtual contest is created to compete for his fortune.
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