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bethswald 10 days ago
Anyone with an emotional connection to Star Wars will love this film deeply, as I did
Adam Meehan 12 days ago
Too many weak scenes and weak characters.
Ryan Boucher 13 days ago
I'm more impressed with the crazy frog now that I know he is part of the rebel alliance.
Mary Elise Murphy 14 days ago
Loved it. Excellent job of matching the heart and soul (and feel) of the first Star Wars.
Christopher McLean 17 days ago
Easily the best SW film since the originals. Unique and daring yet true to the setting.
Phetcharat 18 days ago
Love the ending.
Charlie Alcock 18 days ago
Aims high, but fudges its key dramatic moments and ends up a mess
Kirsty 19 days ago
Cannot explain how much I loved this film! Loved the links to A New Hope, so wonderful.
Tony Gandía 19 days ago
Puts the prequels to shame. Strong story, well cast leads and wall-to-wall action
Grace 20 days ago
Good stand alone. Jyn was too hard to connect to though.
Holden Johnson 20 days ago
Great film in the star wars universe. Wasn't MIND BLOWING but still was fantastic.
Bruno Ferreira Machado 21 days ago
Wonderful, thrilling, very well made. One of the best in the series by far.
Johnny Nys 21 days ago
First half meh, second half great. Cool cast. Emotional ending. Truly episode 3.5
Michael Cole 22 days ago
And not a single Bothan died!?
Ashleigh Louise Payne 22 days ago
Nods to the original 3. Makes me want to watch them all again.
Anja Waber 25 days ago
amazing story in the star wars universe
Brandon Keck 26 days ago
An exciting, action packed film. With the right amount of lightsabers and throwbacks.
Dónal Kennedy 26 days ago
The spectacle on offer is just too satisfying not to forgive its flaws
Jessica Neuner 28 days ago
Bob Blaschuk 29 days ago
Fun, and great way to kick off the Star Wars spin offs. Great cast, and amazing last half.
A rogue band of resistance fighters unite for a mission to steal the Death Star plans and bring a new hope to the galaxy.
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