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Aaron Jones over 2 years ago
Lovely production design. Congrats on the $, Disney
Robyn Hamilton 3 years ago
Fit for purpose but admittedly, I fell asleep while watching.
Valentine Godolphim 3 years ago
If you are in it for the nostalgia, better to watch the original Disney movie.
Mennah Ahmed Maher 3 years ago
why do we need a new unsatisfying version of beauty and the beast??
Sydney Stene over 3 years ago
Solid, somewhat safe, adaptation. Not a bad film at all though.
Fernando Olivas over 3 years ago
she has a.... je ne se quoi?
Becky over 3 years ago
Waste of time. Brings nothing new, and charming moments from original prove creepy here.
Rachel Finston over 3 years ago
Great production, visually beautiful, but ultimately superfluous, not telling a new story.
Nicholas Fong Zheng Wei almost 4 years ago
Hermione sounds fatigued.
Christopher McLean almost 4 years ago
Decent but nothing on the original.
Ćetković Danilo almost 4 years ago
Interesting movie to watch with the family.
Nick Fenton almost 4 years ago
Lino Monteiro almost 4 years ago
Emma Watson plays herself. Though it's passable, it doesn't hold a candle to the original.
Lydia Dyslin 4 years ago
Emma Watson was the perfect Belle. The only thing I didn't like about this was LeFou.
Anja Waber 4 years ago
Simply amazing!! I love it!!
Michael Cole 4 years ago
Best remake I've seen since Ocean's 11. Only small gripe, it's too similar to the original
Charlie Alcock 4 years ago
Earnest, but overlong and unimaginatively directed.
Paulinho Serrinha 4 years ago
Bruno Ferreira Machado 4 years ago
Much better than I expected. Very funny and entertaining.
Grace 4 years ago
Very well done. Definitely a wise choice to stick close to the cartoon. Nostalgia sells.
A live-action adaptation of Disney's version of the classic tale of a cursed prince and a beautiful young woman who helps him break the spell.
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