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Kosala Liyanage 9 days ago
Wonder Woman is everything the Superman movie should have been, and more.
Daniel Lanciana 28 days ago
Best DC film since Dark Knight.
Kirsty 1 month ago
LOVE having such a powerful female icon, but the film just wasn't very good! Disappointed.
Nicholas Fong Zheng Wei 1 month ago
Ares exists. Oh wait he doesn't. Oh wait he does.
VintageFemme 1 month ago
The romance was really forced and unnecessary, but that's my only complaint!
Becky 1 month ago
Fine movie, equal to a lesser Marvel film. Ending was a bit cheesy and not quite earned.
Bob Blaschuk 1 month ago
Good film bordering on great, weak villain and ending though. Still really worth seeing.
Kevin Luu 2 months ago
Beginning - Middle = Good. Ending = Horrible.
Daniel Jones 2 months ago
Great film from DC. Funny at times with great action and story. Can't wait for JL!
Rachel Marshall 2 months ago
fantastic film. if only all female superhero films were made by a female director!
Zori Zheglova 2 months ago
I was hoping for something more subtle than this literal, word for word ending!
İlke İzgi 2 months ago
Paul Flanaghan 2 months ago
It's a no boy wonder.
Mary Elise Murphy 2 months ago
Loved this depiction of Wonder Woman.
Nick 2 months ago
Some of the best action scenes in a super hero movie. Casting was awesome.
Johnny Nys 2 months ago
What super hero movies should be like. Impressive scenes in Belgium 😉
Andy Whitfield 2 months ago
Enjoyable origin film that I wished spent more time with WWI and less with Ares.
Alexandra Sundarsingh 2 months ago
Wonder Woman was witty and full of action. More hero ladies on screen please!
Michael Cole 2 months ago
Most of the supporting characters lack personality, but Gadot is fantastic!
nicole 2 months ago
Loved every minute of this.
An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man to become the greatest of the female superheroes.
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