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Aaron Jones over 2 years ago
Stunning social commentary, great score, acting, and cinematography.
Noah Rymer over 2 years ago
expertly shot, well acted, more internal moral struggle than action.
Dzenan Suljevic over 2 years ago
Tense, interesting, and with unexpectedly science-fictionish soundtrack.
Michael Cole over 3 years ago
Training Day with a drug cartel
Davis Keck almost 4 years ago
Sparse, tense action. Crazy to think this was only made so cheaply.
Nick Fenton almost 4 years ago
Liked it
Adam Meehan 4 years ago
Great balance of nuanced detached character, machismo, gravitas & despair. Impressed.
Bruno Ferreira Machado over 4 years ago
Fantastic. Thrilling.
Kam-Hung Soh over 4 years ago
Taut thriller about the sorry state America's of war on drugs.
Tony Gandía over 4 years ago
Well executed but blandly written lead keeps you wandering in between taut sequences.
pessimist over 4 years ago
Not as smart as it thinks it is; cinematic wallowing in slowness is particularly egregious
Charlie Alcock almost 5 years ago
Great direction but didn't find it hugely engaging
Natasha Marchev almost 5 years ago
review: http://bohemianrhapsodyclub.weebly.com/la-premiere.html
Leonard almost 5 years ago
Brutal and definitelly worth a watch
Zach Sly almost 5 years ago
A tense film that keeps you on the edge of the seat, only for you to reel back in shock.
Leif Jacobson almost 5 years ago
Gritty, brutal, real, and completely captivating.
emilio murillo almost 5 years ago
This narco story has been told over and over again. Visually great. But the movie is weak.
Hao Lian almost 5 years ago
nihilism dressed up as a movie
Earnshaw Jean Louise almost 5 years ago
hell fucking yes! This reflects what was like to live in Juárez around 2012. THANK YOU!
Christopher Leno 5 years ago
Tense and brutal at times. A really good cast with some rather unpleasant characters.
A young female FBI agent joins a secret CIA operation to take down a Mexican cartel boss, a job that ends up pushing her ethical and moral values to the limit.
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