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Dónal Kennedy 5 months ago
A snappily written foodie drama without much momentum and TV production values.
Michael Cole almost 3 years ago
Do NOT watch this movie while hungry
Freddie Kay almost 4 years ago
"you're gonna get hungry."
Brandon Keck 4 years ago
It tastes good, but is lacking real substance. It did make me hungry.
Natalie almost 5 years ago
twas alright
Marc Hyde almost 5 years ago
This movie was brought to you by Twitter.com
antoshka 5 years ago
You should eat first and then watch the movie haha! Liked it!
Fernando Olivas 5 years ago
It will make you hungry.
Kelsey Mayfield over 5 years ago
entertaining but the plot is bland, one dimensional characters (esp vergara and scarjo)
Henry Cropper over 5 years ago
I'll not look @grilled cheese the same again. awesome movie, out of this world soundtrack.
Kakra over 5 years ago
7/10 It was okay, also this is a movie you only watch once. The food looked superb!!!
Daniel Jones over 5 years ago
This one is simply wonderful. Touching and inspirational. A definite must see.
Anisha Kunder over 5 years ago
Watching this will make you very, very hungry
Ken Miguel-Cipriano over 5 years ago
nothing too special, but still a fun watch.
AJT-4-shokhorror.com over 5 years ago
Good acting+cast, great soundtrack. story feels a bit rushed but makes u think. r u happy?
Danial Pearce over 5 years ago
Standard sunday arvo family viewing "happy" bullshit. Some lols, not many.
Andrew K Kirk over 5 years ago
Fun flick mixes passion, food, and family. Enjoy the ride, but don't go on empty stomach.
Ryan Boucher almost 6 years ago
Omm Nom Nom
Matthew Bettencourt almost 6 years ago
Loved the music.
Jinny Chung almost 6 years ago
Less ScarJo, more sizzling meat!
A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family.
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