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Aaron Jones 2 years ago
I understand the argument from the people who said it was gimmicky, but it worked for me.
Jonathan Evans almost 4 years ago
Turns out you don't need Middle Earth to be immersed in quality drama, just a man in a car
Marina Đukanović over 4 years ago
Phone calls and concrete at their finest! Tom Hardy also...He's a <3
Damian Campo 5 years ago
It's just a man talking in his car, no extras, zero noise, brilliant film!
Michael Cole 5 years ago
Hardy gives an excellent performance, but the film is depressing and stresses me out.
Dominic Dirupo over 5 years ago
Kitchen sink drama in a car. Concrete has never been so interesting
Mary Elise Murphy over 5 years ago
Tom Hardy is outstanding.
Homer Triantafyllou over 5 years ago
If your type is the action-packed Hollywood movie dont see this.Tom Hardy is breathtaking.
Andy Whitfield over 5 years ago
A one man play, Locke is kept alive by the amazing Tom Hardy but doesn't quite rise above.
Nicole Merlin over 5 years ago
Captivating, emotional, suspenseful. Tom Hardy is an excellent actor.
emilio murillo over 5 years ago
Stressful, taut story. Nice cinematography, urban lighting. Tom Hardy is very, very good.
Tony Gandía over 5 years ago
Tom Hardy in a car may not sound very interesting but it is. But interesting is all it is
Charlie Alcock over 5 years ago
Really tense. You just keep waiting for the next phone call.
Glen Maddern almost 6 years ago
Emotionally so powerful, given that it's carried by pure dialogue and Tom Hardy's face.
Zach Sly almost 6 years ago
Taking place in the confines of a car this film grabs hold of your attention and keeps it.
Marcel almost 6 years ago
Amazing one man show! Although, only shot in one scene, the story never idles...
Christopher Leno almost 6 years ago
Quite a concrete plot with plenty of drive and no stalling.
Mariya Rybak over 1 year ago
Jake Boone over 1 year ago
Mobina Parvaneh almost 2 years ago
Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) has worked hard to craft a good life for himself. Tonight, that life will collapse around him. On the eve of the biggest challenge of his career, Ivan receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will unravel his family, job, and soul.
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