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Ashleigh Louise Klaassen over 2 years ago
It really ties the whole franchise together.
Frank McDonough almost 3 years ago
The usual complainers, especially from those Reddit-types who eat up everything MCU/SW.
Michael Cole almost 4 years ago
Seriously, the entire movie should have just been Statham and The Rock fighting.
Christopher McLean 4 years ago
About what you expect from a F&F film, nice cars, crazy action, weak plot and no depth.
Noah Rymer 4 years ago
really dumb, only impressive in "amount of money spent".
diane over 4 years ago
A bit cliche, but fun fluff with heart. The cars out of the plane was badass.
Leonard over 4 years ago
It has explosions and expensive cars, but it generally feels very generic and forgettable.
Danielle Acedo over 4 years ago
i cried
Earnshaw Jean Louise over 4 years ago
I was not expecting much anyways
pessimist almost 5 years ago
Plain fun. Nothing more and nothing less. Wears it all on its sleeve.
Danial Pearce almost 5 years ago
Is it possible to have too much action? 2+ hours of relentless explosions. Lame plot.
Bruno Ferreira Machado almost 5 years ago
Some great moments, some cringeworthy ones. Ending was heartbreaking.
Agus Echagüe 5 years ago
Not as many car chases as the others. Chau Paul.
Mitchell Ford 5 years ago
Amazing Film! Could watch over and over. Best one yet!
Henke 5 years ago
A pretty awesome movie, not so much about cars but more about revenge and much action
Guy Pooles 5 years ago
Honestly I don't even know which film this one is. Too many. All the same. All awful.
Marcel 5 years ago
Good action with a story that contains a few plot holes. Very entertaining though...
Dzenan Suljevic 5 years ago
Glorious dumb fun from beginning to the end. Can't decide what was my favourite scene!
Frederik Værum Olesen over 5 years ago
I know, a movie like this shouldnt be realistic, but seriously?? come on... R.I.P. PW
Katie 11 months ago
Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother.
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