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ilkyaz 5 years ago
Seeing both Doctors in action was just legendary.
Charlie Alcock almost 6 years ago
Was so exciting seeing this in the cinema. An absolute treat.
Ana C.M. over 1 year ago
Reno Mckenzie over 1 year ago
Alisha Henricksen over 1 year ago
Paul Moore over 1 year ago
Joel Ulrich almost 2 years ago
Geri R. almost 2 years ago
Rachel Marshall over 2 years ago
gio over 2 years ago
Dan over 2 years ago
Ellie Stark over 2 years ago
Nicola Grosu 3 years ago
Emily Kasbohm over 3 years ago
James Allison over 3 years ago
Jose Villar over 3 years ago
Vikki Ariaans over 3 years ago
Daniel Jones over 3 years ago
Chris Gilbert over 3 years ago
For 50 years, a Timelord known only as The Doctor has defended the world on the silver screens of families, but on the 23rd of November, The Doctor will face his biggest challenge yet...himself. This movie-length special sees the return of not only familiar foes, but a Doctor long lost and a mysterious figure who long betrayed the name...Doctor.
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