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Peyman Asadi over 3 years ago
فیلم آغاز و پایانی غافلگیر کننده داره ولی در بقیه ی دقایق از ریتم می افته.
Hary 7 years ago
Jaidi Fichas 7 years ago
Mç Simo 7 years ago
Node Rose 7 years ago
Jonny Walker 7 years ago
wan jingbing 7 years ago
Omar Payne 7 years ago
baba roga 7 years ago
Amine EL 7 years ago
asuad lampard 7 years ago
Connor Singh 7 years ago
adad 7 years ago
On the day of her birthday, eleven-year-old Angeliki jumps off the balcony and falls to her death with a smile on her face. While the police and Social Services try to discover the reason for this apparent suicide, Angeliki's family keep insisting that it was an accident. What is the secret that young Angeliki took with her? Why does her family persist in trying to "forget" her and to move on with its life?
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