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Dzenan Suljevic 4 days ago
Goes to some interesting places and annoys fanboys, which makes it even better in my eyes.
Molly Flanagan 1 month ago
Reminiscent of the original trilogy.
Tony Gandía 1 month ago
Clunky first 3rd gives way to an almost perfect last 2/3s.
Kayley Sage 1 month ago
I agree that it could've been significantly better, but I still like it
Davis Keck 1 month ago
Flawed, but ambitious. Explores themes of failure & disappointment, which is weird for SW.
Michael Cole 1 month ago
Most of the "main characters" seem to be having very little impact on the grand story
Neil Cooke 1 month ago
It's good, it's bad, it's weird, but it's Star Wars - and it looks great!
Felícia Silva 1 month ago
had they removed unnecessary scenes/characters, and given needed attention to the plot...
Sydney Stene 1 month ago
Had some pacing issues, but overall a great and compelling watch!
Ben B 1 month ago
Not the best but a good addition. A bit slow to start but the end is far worth the ride.
Mary Elise Murphy 1 month ago
Plot works, story hangs together; moves the series forward. Nice to see Carrie F. again.
Valentine Godolphim 1 month ago
Poetic cinema.
Jennifer Pease 1 month ago
I'd watch it again. Not my fav of the SWU, but good.
Moira Sings 1 month ago
A little slow in places and overly complex but worth more than one watch.
Bruno Ferreira Machado 1 month ago
Fantastic, thrilling & just great fun. The casino arc is shit but I still loved the movie.
Luciana Ducceschi 1 month ago
It explored the force in a way I didn't know the force could be explored.
Bob Blaschuk 1 month ago
Not as good or bad as people are saying. Looks amazing, but seems so empty at its core.
Charlie Alcock 1 month ago
Big improvement on TFA, and one of the best in the series.
Anja Waber 1 month ago
very good movie, I liked it very much
Dónal Kennedy 2 months ago
Suffers from odd pacing, crap new characters and mistimed gags.
Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order.
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