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Becky 8 days ago
Decent adaptation, didn't love the changes from the book.
Eric Brainard 1 month ago
Ellie dying was spoiled by the previews. Has 0 scares. Story is well told though. It's ok.
Fabio Vanegas 2 months ago
Horror movie remake of the movie made in 1984.
Fabio Augusto Vanegas Bovea 2 months ago
Remake of the movie made in 1984. Entertaining
Andy Whitfield 4 months ago
Fine until about halfway through until it all goes off the rails.
Michael Cole 4 months ago
Oddly fitting that I watched it on Easter
Miranda Wright 4 months ago
Much better than the first! As one who has read the book, it really caught me off guard :D
LANX 1 month ago
Brentt Nerves 2 months ago
Káťa Vítová 3 months ago
İlke İzgi 4 months ago
Jonny Walker over 5 years ago
Michael Goldsmith over 5 years ago
Annelise Rogers over 5 years ago
wan jingbing over 5 years ago
Michael Thomson over 5 years ago
Jack Swick over 5 years ago
zack ferris over 5 years ago
Heidi Muth-Turner over 5 years ago
Remake of the '80s classic, based on the novel by Stephen King.
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