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Michael Cole over 2 years ago
Predictable, but still funny. For fans of Wedding Crashers.
Seth Oldmixon 3 years ago
Watched on a plane. Laughed more than I expected. Maybe more relatable for 40+ set.
Christopher Leno over 4 years ago
Very silly and predictable, but has some genuinely funny moments that make it worth while.
Agus Echagüe over 5 years ago
Wayne Wilde over 5 years ago
Vince Vaughn is hilarious. always.
Tracey Orr over 5 years ago
Story of true friendship and the perks of Google Employment. Sleep-pods?! Really?!!
Alexandra Sundarsingh almost 6 years ago
Just made me want to work at Google more. Okay, and gave me warm fuzzies.
Mikus Zeberiņš almost 6 years ago
I bet the whole thing was just another marketing campaign by Google. An OK movie, I guess
Robert Postill almost 6 years ago
Never let a geek you care about watch this.
Murillo Parreira almost 6 years ago
Quite funny.
Steve Gilles 6 years ago
Possibly the worst move I've seen. Ever.
Fred Wu 6 years ago
Half a point more for an otherwise average movie - the ending credit was creative. ;)
Helsy Flores 6 years ago
Can I work at Google? Also, loved Owen as always.
Alexa Rabini over 6 years ago
One of the best comedies of 2013!
Don Lathrop 1 month ago
Giorgia 9 months ago
Jake Boone 12 months ago
Flo HM over 1 year ago
Bethany Foster almost 2 years ago
jojodoug almost 2 years ago
Two recently laid-off men in their 40s try to make it as interns at a successful Internet company where their managers are in their 20s.
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