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Aaron Jones over 2 years ago
Very good acting from Streep and Roberts. Miserable tone.
Michael Cole over 2 years ago
Great cast, good family drama
emilio murillo almost 4 years ago
Meryl Streep's performance is cloying, way over-the-top. Most characters are annoying.
Leif Jacobson 4 years ago
Really good, darkly comedic satire. Until they ruined it with the last minute or so.
Syed Ashruf 5 years ago
A theatrical piece with a realistic, unacceptable social diguises; A true black comedy!!:(
Tony Gandía 5 years ago
A large, talented cast thrown in a house and told to ACT. They do but it's not enough.
hannah frommelt over 5 years ago
Don't watch this movie for its ending, but for the journey to get there. Tragic Fun
Billy O'Neill almost 6 years ago
Good cast & good acting but I was bored
Saška Svirac almost 6 years ago
realistic family story, amazing characters
Gavin Klein almost 6 years ago
Great cast and acting, great example of how addiction affects peoples lives
Jessica almost 6 years ago
Good movie, dramatic plot, amazing acting.
Niklas Pivic almost 6 years ago
The recipe for disaster is there, and it's a very entertaining result. Worth your while.
wayupnorth 6 years ago
Oscar-worthy. Shattering. Brilliant.
Andrew K Kirk 6 years ago
Fantastic cast led by magnificent Streep. Cruel and tormented family driven plot.
Alexandre Brisson 6 years ago
Great acting by amazing stars. A great story. A bit funny, and difficult to watch.
Kirsten Hildonen 6 years ago
So much ACTING I could never forget I was watching stars; it loses something off the stage
Tori Randall 6 years ago
Was lucky to see this at AFF 2013. Near flawless adaptation with an even better cast.
lisa nusbaum over 6 years ago
Adapted from the play by noble prize winning playwrite Tracey Letts withMAJOR star power
CK almost 2 years ago
Miguel over 2 years ago
The Weston family overcomes certain differences when their alcoholic patriarch goes missing.
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