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Christopher McLean 12 months ago
Disappointingly uninspired. It's not bad, it's just got good either.
nicole 12 months ago
Cute. Entertaining. Probably forgettable. No Disney sob story!
Jennifer Pease over 1 year ago
better character dev than finding nemo
Davis Keck over 1 year ago
"Across the ocean" takes like, five minutes, and then they're RIGHT THERE at the aquarium.
Phetcharat over 1 year ago
Tony Gandía over 1 year ago
Doesn't recapture original's glory but entertaining nonetheless
Nick Fenton over 1 year ago
There's a reason Finding Nemo was so popular. This isn't as good but it definitely works
Paulinho Serrinha over 1 year ago
nice to see one time... =)
Michael Cole over 1 year ago
Stop trying to make me cry with your incredibly depressing openings Pixar!
Kirsty over 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this, pleasantly surprised. Sweet sequel with lovely new characters.
Jessica Powell over 1 year ago
I loved this - it was cute, funny, and tugged at my heart strings in all the right ways.
cervv over 1 year ago
not the best :c
Núrya Inocentes over 1 year ago
More entertaining than Finding Nemo. Great new characters.
Damian Campo over 1 year ago
Enjoyable enough for an animated movie but not as good as finding Nemo.
Zan over 1 year ago
too boring!
Robyn Hamilton over 1 year ago
Cute follow up but where FN had a story and genuine heart, FD devolves into comedic farce.
Bruno Ferreira Machado over 1 year ago
Boring and unremarkable.
Grace over 1 year ago
Decent sequel to a great movie. Simple plot. Baby Dory was heartwarmingly adorable. <3
Brandon Keck almost 2 years ago
Close to the great stories of Pixar, but with caricatures instead of characters.
Linda Imes almost 2 years ago
Heartwarming movie.but not worth seeing in 3d
Dory is reunited with her friends Nemo and Marlin in the search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?
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