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Zach Sly over 4 years ago
Spike Lee took a squat, dropped trou, and physically pooped on the original.
Henke almost 6 years ago
Better than i thought it would be
Jim Barton almost 6 years ago
This movie should never have been made IMO. The original is far superior!
Jordan Feurstein almost 6 years ago
Seriously twisted and violent. Some very uneven choices, with scenes that seemed comedic.
emilio murillo almost 6 years ago
It's okay. But it disregards the subtlety of the original film and "Tarantino-izes" it.
Love. 6 years ago
Massive disappointment for any fan of the original.
Colin McCarthy 6 years ago
"Spike Lee raped the hammer scene"
Jake Boone over 1 year ago
Ahuitz Rojas over 1 year ago
daniel beck 2 years ago
Daniel Keller over 2 years ago
Kurtis Azoth almost 3 years ago
Rakel over 3 years ago
John Callahan over 3 years ago
Paula Yap over 4 years ago
frank mint almost 5 years ago
Andrey Cherkashin almost 5 years ago
Juan Manuel almost 5 years ago
Annella Rutherford over 5 years ago
An everyday man has only three and a half days and limited resources to discover why he was imprisoned in a nondescript room for 20 years without any explanation.
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