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Michael Cole over 2 years ago
If they were aiming to make a boring, poorly animated The Land Before Time... nailed it!
Christopher McLean almost 3 years ago
Uninteresting characters and story. How do you follow Inside Out with this?
Lino Monteiro 3 years ago
Gorgeous backgrounds and animation make it worth a watch. Standard designs and story.
Matt Rhoades over 3 years ago
Beautifully animated, but none of the magic of previous Pixar films.
Emma Jun over 3 years ago
Gorgeous animation but dull and overly serious with annoying characters.
Alice Albescu over 3 years ago
I think my 8 year old nephew said it best, "I could sleep through it".
Bruno Ferreira Machado over 3 years ago
Felt rushed and disappointing.
Ryan Boucher over 3 years ago
I made it about 15 minutes in before turning it off. Boring.
Jennifer Pease over 3 years ago
A beautiful journey set in a strange world. I cried (but that's not hard)
cervv over 3 years ago
Sinead Shahrzad over 3 years ago
Even thought the story was VERY cliché, it was adorable and the animation was incredible!
Leif Jacobson over 3 years ago
A bit disjointed but still very good. And beautifully animated.
Melanie Cross over 3 years ago
Great visuals, but not much story.
Johnny Nys over 3 years ago
Engaging story but cartoonesk dino's make too big a contrast with the realistic settings.
Nick Fenton over 3 years ago
Phenomenal FX. Story is lame. A few tear jerking moments does not a powerful film make
Don Lathrop 17 days ago
Azure Cerulean 5 months ago
L 9 months ago
Eduardo Gez 10 months ago
Natalie Ricketts 12 months ago
An epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.
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