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Anja Waber over 1 year ago
funny one :)
Michael Cole over 1 year ago
So predictable it hurts
Tracey Orr over 7 years ago
There is a soft spot in my heart for Kevin James. This movie is sweet, albeit predictable.
Alexandra Sundarsingh almost 8 years ago
Cute movie. A bit predictable, but some really funny moments.
loong almost 8 years ago
The funniest movie made recently. Kevin James is tha sh*t!
Fabio Vanegas 8 years ago
That funniest comedy. I recommend
Daniel Keller 8 years ago
funny and entertaining!
Deanna Colt over 4 years ago
andre bernier over 4 years ago
rim moussa over 6 years ago
Till Könneker over 6 years ago
Juan Miguel 7 years ago
jvol over 7 years ago
Jim Lubin over 7 years ago
Aileen Davis over 7 years ago
Becky almost 8 years ago
Kory LaCroix almost 8 years ago
Dani Rolli 8 years ago
René Stalder 8 years ago
A high school biology teacher moonlights as a mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to save the school's music program.
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