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Michael Cole over 1 year ago
Drags on; could have probably trimmed out an hour
Alejandro Betancourt almost 3 years ago
Good movie but ceraintly the we will never know the precise events.
Jonathan Evans almost 4 years ago
I think this was done as well as it could be really, and it was certainly a great story.
Kam-Hung Soh over 4 years ago
Grim and dark chronicle of the brutal hunt and execution of OSL.
Taabish over 5 years ago
Great movie. Though gets a bit uninteresting a few times.
Jordan Feurstein 6 years ago
Slow, but tense. It builds suspense all the way to the end. Great lead performance.
Adam Meehan 6 years ago
Frankly I was bored. And no I didn't know the details. Zero Dark Tension.
Nate McBean over 6 years ago
Crazy to think its based on truth. I wish we knew the exact story of how it all went down.
Cory Van Dorn over 6 years ago
Very slow movie. Not entirely sure what happened at the end. Nice suspense though.
Sebastian von Conrad over 6 years ago
Annoying in many different ways.
Will Davies over 6 years ago
really good film....try to sit down and watch the whole thing in one sitting - much better
István Huszár over 6 years ago
Probably one of the dullest films I've ever had the displeasure to watch. Irredeemable.
Simon almost 7 years ago
slow burner, but quite interesting. you'll never know how much of it is true though
Cody almost 7 years ago
Brilliant film, but, the torture scenes will make it hard to rewatch.
Glenn Kulbako almost 7 years ago
Engaging story of Bin Laden's assassination, not entirely true to life, but well done.
Rick Franchella almost 7 years ago
The real story of the capture of Osama told the right way, best movie of the year, easily.
Fernando Olivas almost 7 years ago
I think the biggest issue I had with this movie is how amoral the characters are.
emilio murillo almost 7 years ago
In terms of mindless American self-indulgence there's nothing bigger than this film. Yeah.
David McKinstry almost 7 years ago
Just,......decent......nothing spectacular
Thomas Menga almost 7 years ago
Very entertaining and realistic. Would've been interesting to know what happens after...
The Navy Seal team 6 track down wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden
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