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Michael Cole 2 years ago
Well I guess that's one way to deal with your problems
Ashleigh Louise Klaassen over 3 years ago
Thoroughly enjoyable. Jack Black is perfect as Bernie.
emilio murillo 5 years ago
A most unlike Linklater film, which turned out to be refreshing. Jack Black is on point.
Lachie Munro over 5 years ago
Jack Black does a terrific job! Good underlying subject matter about morals and ethics.
Griffin Maurer almost 6 years ago
Perfect casting and stellar acting in this bold doc/mockumentary. Funny and sad. Unique.
Austin 6 years ago
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. A great little dark comedy...
Adam Connell over 6 years ago
Original and inventive, with a phenomenal performance by Black; he deserved an Oscar.
Daniel Fleming over 6 years ago
Pleasantly surprised by this one. Wound up being a great story and JB wasn't irritating.
Tori Randall over 6 years ago
Jack Black is seriously brilliant. Entertaining and offbeat.
Josh Steadman over 6 years ago
Black is good, docu-comedy style & story are intriguing, but just falls shy of enjoyable.
Fernando Olivas almost 7 years ago
Ah Jack Black you are a great singer.
Robyn Hamilton 7 years ago
Interesting premise, good acting and distinctly Linklater-esque. Bit longer than needs be.
Ben Dauphinee 7 years ago
Wonderful performance by Jack Black. He performed it as seriously as it should be.
Jan-Frieder Hain over 7 years ago
Stunning performance by Jack Black
Chris Spence over 7 years ago
really interesting to think this is based on a true story.
Jami Gibbs over 7 years ago
Superb except McConaughey feels wholly miscast in the role as the prosecutor.
Robert Postill over 7 years ago
Sad and yet lovely. The acting is good but the story is the star, fascinating.
Anthony Kozlowski over 7 years ago
Jack Black's performance is reason enough to see this movie. Interesting in an odd way.
Daniel Jones over 7 years ago
Interesting characters, great performances. Jack Black truly shines here.
Thunder Bird over 7 years ago
An interesting story with some interesting characters.
Local mortician Bernie Tiede (Black) befriends a rich widow (MacLaine) in a small Texas town. He murders Nugent for her money, but no one misses her for months until the local district attorney (McConaughey) begins to investigate. In the meantime, many citizens of the small, East Texas town of Carthage rally to the murderer's defense, and demand that the authorities go easy on Tiede for the killing of the elderly Nugent.
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