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Daniel Jones 5 years ago
The book is damn near perfect. For all of it's perfection, this makes up for in flaws.
Jody Bradley over 6 years ago
Loved it!
Frankie Linus over 6 years ago
Why? Why? Why did they have to make a freaking hollywood movie out of that masterpiece??
Chris Ho over 6 years ago
Great adaptation of the novel with brilliant pace and ambiance.
Peter Renshaw almost 7 years ago
'I was 1/2 across America at the dividing line b/w the E of my youth & the W of my future'
emilio murillo almost 7 years ago
Artificial performances. The characters never interested me. Fell asleep; that I enjoyed.
Glenn Kulbako almost 7 years ago
Beautifully filmed, true to the novel and may make your parents blush.
Silke Bschek almost 7 years ago
Aye, it's a long road. Most actors are brilliant, but the story gets boring too soon.
Niklas Pivic over 7 years ago
Even though this film felt fragmented. All in all: fair, but weakly directed.
Tim Jules Hull over 7 years ago
perfect flavour of the time and place, but bring a cushion cos it's a darn long road.
Milda 11 months ago
Itzel Amieva 2 years ago
Rachel Marshall over 2 years ago
Ahmed El Ghamry almost 4 years ago
serena over 5 years ago
Anika Cooke over 5 years ago
Daniela over 5 years ago
Kalli McCoy 6 years ago
Lucy Avramova 6 years ago
Dean and Sal are the portrait of the Beat Generation. Their search for "It" results in a fast paced, energetic roller coaster ride with highs and lows throughout the U.S.
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