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Emily Brown almost 4 years ago
Found this pretty boring, although I'm not a fan of the genre anyway. Strong cast & acting
Paul Flanaghan over 4 years ago
Ryan Gosling & Josh Brolin are untouchable.
Keith Pereña almost 5 years ago
Classy. Also, Emma Stone.
Rachel Finston almost 5 years ago
Faux Name 6 years ago
Really cool gangster flick, superb cinematography.
Zach Sly over 6 years ago
Pretty much mediocre, despite the crazy good cast. Expected nothing; didn't get much more.
Bryan Mullen over 6 years ago
Not nearly as good as it should have been with all the star power behind it
Tanya over 6 years ago
My disappointment in this movie could rival the Atlantic Ocean.
Sebastian von Conrad almost 7 years ago
Honest cops meet gangster. Much shooting ensues.
Grant davies almost 7 years ago
Good film let down by a daft ending
Tracey Orr almost 7 years ago
It might not have fully delivered in my opinion, but it is worth watching at least once.
Tyler Langan almost 7 years ago
A misprint in the in-flight movie guide made me think this was "Gangster Squid"
Tessa Van Praet 7 years ago
Good actors but the storyline is too flat.
Joe Hobson 7 years ago
Tone is off, acting is bad, and it's completely overdone. So bad we turned it off halfway
Thomas Menga 7 years ago
You'll spend a really good time watching this movie, but don't expect to be astonished.
Brad Farleigh 7 years ago
Stylish &good balance of action (dual wielding Tommy guns!) & narrative. Weak ending tho.
Junpei Kishino 7 years ago
Firman Syah 7 years ago
i like
Jono Carney 7 years ago
Well made, if predictable, little gangster film...
Love. 7 years ago
Incredibly entertaining. Of course predictable but fun.
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