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Eddie Ace Heitmann almost 5 years ago
Good as an action film. Suppose to be about the daughter but it's not really...
Dominic Dirupo 5 years ago
Filler for Taken 3
Johnny Nys 5 years ago
Exciting. Action-packed. Better than the first one? Perhaps, except for the phone speech.
Griffin Maurer almost 6 years ago
It had some good action, but it suffers from an unconvincing plot. Taken 2 is worn out.
Gareth Davies over 6 years ago
Let down after the 1st to say the least
Daniel Jones over 6 years ago
It's an action movie, and not a very good one at that. Predictable and boring.
Masha Marsheva over 6 years ago
Watched it on a plane. That's about all it was good for.
Jose Manuel Testa almost 7 years ago
No sé que cosas malas he hecho en otra vida...esto sí es una venganza.
Stephane Pimienta almost 7 years ago
Ultapredictable and unrealistic. The kind of movie you forget instantly.
Josh Steadman almost 7 years ago
It's slow & very predictable, whereas the first one actually wasn't and was much better.
Wouter ter Keurs almost 7 years ago
Kopieert zijn voorganger, maar rent zichzelf voorbij in geweld en voorspelbaarheid.
devi fabiola almost 7 years ago
not too bad its and make me uptight
Glen Maddern almost 7 years ago
Not the crushing disappointment I expected. But pretty poor.
jess esquivel almost 7 years ago
This one was better than the first
Chris Teague almost 7 years ago
Woeful dialog & tired storyline slapped next to some mildly entertaining action.
Brendan Keevers 7 years ago
Fast and cunning, Neeson is affirming his stamp as Hollywood's new favored action hero.
James Partridge 7 years ago
Better than I thought it would be but I expected very little. Thankfully quite short.
Juha 7 years ago
Kostonhimoinen, välillä jopa pulssia nostattava, jatkis.
Robert Postill 7 years ago
Like the first one, but less interesting.
Erin Francis 7 years ago
So bad. Beyond words.
In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter.
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