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Jonathan Sundqvist over 3 years ago
Love this movie. So heartfelt and filled with wonder.
Zach Sly 6 years ago
Amazingly detailed and crisp animations furthered with a truly engaging story.
Rachel Lynn 6 years ago
Engaging story. Beautiful animation.
Robyn Hamilton almost 7 years ago
Absolutely beautiful animation and a Miyazaki-esque story. Good watching.
William Soares 7 years ago
Makoto Shinkai. Incredibly and even more detailed scenarios with a great plot! Must-view!
Jason Smith 7 years ago
Entertaining mashup of classic ghibli themes.. mononoke x laputa x cat returns
Randi Steers 4 months ago
Azure Cerulean 11 months ago
Annalisa Schettino over 2 years ago
Jonathan Evans almost 3 years ago
Abriel Jenshus over 3 years ago
Brie over 3 years ago
Kevin Claudio over 3 years ago
Mishablue over 4 years ago
We's Kbul almost 5 years ago
Taz Malik almost 5 years ago
Daniel Jost over 5 years ago
Andy Mac over 5 years ago
Stephanie 6 years ago
The film centers on Asuna, a young girl who spends her solitary days listening to the mysterious music emanating from the crystal radio she received from her late father as a memento. One day while walking home she is attacked by a fearsome monster and saved mysterious boy named Shun. However, Shun disappears and Asuna embarks on a journey of adventure to the land of Agartha with her teacher Mr. Morisaki to meet a Shun again. Through her journey she comes to know the cruelty and beauty of the world, as well as loss.
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