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Heather Blacklock over 1 year ago
Anja Waber over 1 year ago
such a hot movie with sexy men
Alexandra Sundarsingh over 2 years ago
Very meh about this. Not sure why it got so much hype at the time.
Natalie 3 years ago
Freya 6 years ago
Nice bodies, but weird and senseless story.
Ester over 6 years ago
If only it had a decent plot...
Agus Echagüe over 6 years ago
Men with no shirts. Oh, and a bit of a storyline.
Elizabeth Brown 7 years ago
Not really worth it. Even if Channing Tatum gets you going. Not enough
Frankie Linus over 7 years ago
A waste of time.
Robyn Hamilton almost 8 years ago
Kinda overrated. It was OK. Nothing amazing.
Ana Mikulic almost 8 years ago
It's like a porno, with no sex.
Kakra 8 years ago
3/10 AWFUL!!! This story bounces around. first its about Adam, then it switches to mike??
Juha 8 years ago
Showbisnes -meininkejä draaman ja testosteronin muodossa.
Tess Heylan over 8 years ago
Eye candy but not much else
Kelvin Koh over 8 years ago
Pretty men. That's about it. I'd rewatch for the pretty men though. But I'm easy.
Marina Đukanović over 8 years ago
Acting? Story? POINT? Terrible...
Cille Thystrup over 8 years ago
Strange, worse than i thought actually.
Dylan Clites over 8 years ago
More than just stipping. A real look at sexuality and the price of partying. Funny too.
Emma Dilemma over 8 years ago
I thought so much of it, I fell asleep!
John Barton over 8 years ago
Very pretty men doing things I'm really not that into.
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