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Alejandro Betancourt almost 3 years ago
boring Borat replica created to be successfull in United States. Thats it.
Damian Campo 3 years ago
Ridiculous movie with a weak plot, boring and bad acted.
Guy Meltzer almost 4 years ago
I give this movie 10 alahdeen points
Richard Castellanos almost 5 years ago
excelente pelicula risa de principio a fin
Michael Cole almost 5 years ago
For every joke that makes me laugh, there's two or three that fall flat.
rim moussa 5 years ago
racist much?
Srungeer Simha over 5 years ago
Some sick ass humor right here XD
Alejandra Thomas over 5 years ago
Disgusting, racist and stupid. Just awful.
Emmet O Sullivan over 5 years ago
Quite enjoyable film but a little disappointing on the back of SB-C's other work
Gavin Klein over 5 years ago
All of the funny parts were in the preview. Didn't laugh once, his other movies are better
Daniel Jones over 5 years ago
It's 123 minutes of misery. A few laughs here and there, but not good by any means.
Frederik Værum Olesen almost 6 years ago
Dont expect something like Borat or Brüno. It barely made me laugh. It's just boring
Nino D almost 6 years ago
Worth watching, best parts were almost all in the Promos
Anthony Kozlowski almost 6 years ago
Has a few hilarious gags sprinkled throughout, but the rest is groan-worthy and uninspired
Grant davies 6 years ago
Found It lacked the fun factor. Didn't finish watching.
Rachel Kennelly 6 years ago
not the worst
Rowan Humphreys 6 years ago
fan of the actor.... but this was awful
Ferşat Özçelik 6 years ago
a real comedy film.
Kosala Liyanage 6 years ago
A good laugh. Is there actually a hidden message as well?
Tyler Langan over 6 years ago
I'd rather this wasn't fiction but it's still pretty funny - worth pouring an urn for.
The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.
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