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Claudia González almost 4 years ago
Also known as "Tom Cruise in a Tom Cruise movie playing Tom Cruise. Episode 528"
Csaba Gulyás over 4 years ago
Exciting storyline
Jamie Cook almost 5 years ago
Cruise plays another Jack... Harper this time - still a good, gloriously shot flick
Dimitar Tsonev 5 years ago
Interesting visuals/scenery, lovely play of Cruise... and that's all. I wanted more.
Jared Bennett 5 years ago
I want to dislike it because of Cruise but it's surprisingly good.
Joe Roberge over 5 years ago
Intriguing presentation. Good characters. Nothing we haven't seen before. Watch it.
Miles Ross over 5 years ago
Very engaging and intriguing, with a simple but attractive aesthetic.
Sasha over 5 years ago
Thought-provoking story, and leaves you asking lots of questions - not in a bad way.
zorlack over 5 years ago
Visually striking and technically strong, Oblivion's story is its weak spot.
Freya almost 6 years ago
They idea and the movie is really good. But it was okay.
Danielle Johnston 6 years ago
This film is the first film this year that I wanted to see again the next day
Faux Name over 6 years ago
Some of the most impressive tech featured in a sci-fi flick in recent years.
Mirza Šišić over 6 years ago
Waste of time.
Jake Barlow almost 7 years ago
Not flawless, but a fairly enjoyable sci-fi thriller.
Mario Schievenini almost 7 years ago
Predictable-wood. Made to sell.
Jordan Feurstein almost 7 years ago
Good concept and great visuals. Could have used a little more execution. Solid Sci-Fi
Anders Sørby almost 7 years ago
A combination of Moon and 2001: A space odyssey.
Jon Finnegan almost 7 years ago
Oblivion, while predictable at times, is still a fun and visually striking Sci-fi film.
Niall Rutter 7 years ago
Nice idea, but very forgettable. I wanted more substance.
Marius Constantinescu 7 years ago
Good movie
A court martial sends a veteran soldier to a distant planet, where he is to destroy the remains of an alien race. The arrival of an unexpected traveler causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission, and himself.
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