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Eric Brainard 4 months ago
Based on Lincoln's lesser known real life. Must watch so you get the truth! It's just fun.
Mahri Skulls over 1 year ago
Great movie & piece of art trying and succeeding in explaining an array of political ideas
Kintan Siera Anggita 3 years ago
The premise is quite ridiculous but it is actually watchable and quite fun.
Katie P over 4 years ago
A little over-the-top, but fairly entertaining none-the-less.
Ryan Boucher over 4 years ago
I'm wary of these historical fiction films. It's hard to separate fact from the fiction.
Rachel Finston over 4 years ago
Any movie that makes Mary Todd Lincoln a vengeful bad ass? Sign me up!
Josh Steadman over 4 years ago
Too serious for how absolutely ridiculous it is. I didn't expect much & barely finished it
Johnny Nys over 4 years ago
Great vampire story, fun and excellent fighting sequences. Not at all silly or dreadful.
Dyah Agustine over 5 years ago
Cool poster, and the movie is entertaining enough.
Mikus Zeberiņš over 5 years ago
An AWESOME bit of alternative history with a nice touch of fantasy. Loved it!
Jody Bradley over 5 years ago
Really love this film! Love the way it's filmed!
Grant davies almost 6 years ago
OK. Worth a watch.
Cory Van Dorn almost 6 years ago
Fun to watch but not the most intriguing story
Chelsea Foreman almost 6 years ago
Pretty corny, gory, strange, and exciting. I really liked it, but I am not sure why.
Zach Sly almost 6 years ago
Exactly what the name implies, this film is good silly fun from the director of Wanted.
Zahara 6 years ago
Absolutely brilliant! I love that it includes a historical figure but it not too political
Sebastian Villegas 6 years ago
Disappointing and takes it self way too seriously for its own good.
Fernando Olivas 6 years ago
*Quality adjusted.
Jose Manuel Testa over 6 years ago
No me imagino la version española...
Murillo Parreira over 6 years ago
Tirando algumas machadadas, é um filme bem fraquinho.
President Lincoln's mother is killed by a supernatural creature, which fuels his passion to crush vampires and their slave-owning helpers
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