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Alexandra Sundarsingh over 1 year ago
Numerous plotholes, but not an entirely implausible future.
June Patnaree 2 years ago
I like ideas be hide the film, the hidden messages are sad but true it makes me emotional
Nicholas Fong Zheng Wei over 2 years ago
The only interesting character in this movie is the titular space station.
Jonathan Evans 4 years ago
Blah blah blah sci fi and there's evil south africans or something meh it's unmemorable
Jared Bennett over 4 years ago
Great fun and original!
Matt Rhoades over 4 years ago
Interesting premise but a truly terrible performance from Jodie Foster
Kazi Nazrul Fattah over 5 years ago
Poor story, loose plot, badly directed - wouldn't recommend to anyone.
J.H. Howes over 5 years ago
I thought it looked amazing even though it was overshadowed by the success of "Gravity."
Tyler Mattson over 5 years ago
A good movie, decent action scenes, deep characters, cool scenery average quality plot.
Taabish over 5 years ago
Horribly directed. Disappointing story and a senseless plot.
Christopher McLean almost 6 years ago
Generic sci-fi action flick which falls short of a good premise
Thomas Jennings almost 6 years ago
Disappointingly dumb and badly directed "satire" thats only worth it for the visuals. Bleh
Grant davies almost 6 years ago
Not original in it's ideas but still worth a look. 7/10
Jordan Gibson almost 6 years ago
Interesting idea for a film and amazing visuals, but way too groggy. Almost uncomfortable.
Wayne Wilde 6 years ago
matt damon is a boss. nice sci-fi feel with the right amount of badassery
Kirsten Hildonen 6 years ago
Super disappointed in this one. Poorly acted, trite plot.
Simon Fenton 6 years ago
Amazing visuals and setting utterly wasted on a terrible screenplay.
Mario Schievenini 6 years ago
Even though the history was promising, the film ended so bad it was very disappointing.
Niall Rutter 6 years ago
One of those films where the script explains everything for you. Nice effects, predictable
Nat Voisey 6 years ago
I thought I'd be more like District 9. But no. Love the VFX though.
Set 100 years in the future, aliens come to earth to do battle with man kind so they find peace on earth and live like human beings.
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