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Sam Beckett almost 3 years ago
Cute romantic comedy without any presumption.
Sasha over 5 years ago
Very funny! There should be more movies like this. "Kryptonite wrapped in cellulite".
Kealey Nutt 7 years ago
Bet you only watched this because of 'The Doctor'.
Cveti Kalcheva 7 years ago
Anna Pei 7 years ago
surprisingly bearable! i'll have no problem watching again.
Yuliya Mollova over 7 years ago
David Tenant left Doctor Who to do that?!
Dylan Evans almost 8 years ago
Probably the worst thing ever.
Rebecca S. 2 years ago
Milda almost 4 years ago
noemi gutierrez almost 4 years ago
Wilma Monaghan over 4 years ago
Hannah Newman over 4 years ago
Cory Oldridge over 5 years ago
Rachel Finston over 5 years ago
Leslie Montes almost 6 years ago
Katie Thornton almost 6 years ago
Markus Bonnevier almost 6 years ago
Lara Tyler (Alice Eve) is one of the most famous movie stars around, but all she wants to do is marry her fiance, writer James Aubrey (David Tennant). Besieged by paparazzo (especially Marco Ballani (Federico Castelluccio), who is obsessed with Lara), they escape to the tiny Scottish island of Hegg to try to wed in peace. However when the paparazzo tracks them down, and with the locals smelling a payday, Lara becomes upset and runs away.
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